Our Philosophy

MSI offers a wide variety of high performing concrete products for all your building needs be it new construction, or repairs to existing structures.  See the list below of our top selling products, or call us for more information and recommendations.

Aluminum Windows & Doors – Lausell, Jeld-Wen & PGT
Wood Windows & Doors – Anderson, Jeld-Wen & Lausell
Vinyl Windows & Doors – Jeld-Wen & PGT
Sliding Glass Doors – Plaza Doors

The majority of our windows and doors are custom ordered to meet each clients demands. We offer Aluminum, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Wood and Steel options, with Impact-Resistant Glass, Tempered Glass, non-Impact Glass, or no glass. The glass, if present, can be clear, tinted, and treated to reduce the effects of the Caribbean sun.

To reduce the effects of the salt air, we order every window or door with stainless steel mechanisms or non-corrosive fittings. Some of our competitors will try to sell you windows or doors without stainless steel hardware. The product may be less expensive, but we suggest you request that these cheaper mechanisms be installed with wing-nuts. That will make them easier to remove when they rust out in a few years!

Here are just a few of the companies that we represent and these are some of the manufactured windows and doors that we recommend and sell:PGT, Aluminum and Vinyl, Impact-Resistant, “Winguard”, or non-Impact products; PGT makes Sliding Glass and French Doors, Casement, Single and Double Hung, and Picture Windows.

Trendex, makes Awning Windows that will match PGT's other product lines. IIBP (“Plaza Doors”) makes Impact-Resistant and non-Impact Sliding Glass Doors that carry wind load ratings of up to 204 mph.

CGI makes Aluminum Impact-Resistant windows and doors. Their Sentinel Series is comparable to PGT; their Estate Series is their high end product line.

Lausell makes well priced Aluminum non-Impact windows and doors, including their “Superguard Line” Jalousie Windows with hardened steel rods inside each aluminum bar every 3”, 4”, or 6”, for security.

San Miguel makes a very high end product that is a more expensive version of the same types of windows and doors described above, but with different finishes and options.

Jeld-Wen makes a variety of Wood, Fiberglass and Steel Doors that are part of our Designer Series Offering of doors and windows. This is an architectural line of windows and doors.

For your more immediate requirements, we stock Aluminum Miami and Awning Style windows in both White and Bronze Frames with Clear Glass.

We also carry a selection of Fiberglass, Solid Wood, and Carved Wood Interior and Exterior Doors.

We stock Hollow Metal Industrial Doors and Frames in various sizes and configurations. These doors are manufactured by Republic Doors.