Our Philosophy

The Virgin Islands is right in the middle of "Hurricane Alley", that swath of warm water in the Atlantic Ocean which runs from the west coast of northern Africa to the Gulf Coast and Southern United States. This somewhat dubious distinction requires a high degree of confidence in your roof’s integrity. That’s why at MSI our Island Tough policy ensures you are getting the best material for the job.

MSI is proud to sell RainGuard™ & ColorGuard™ Corrugated Roofing

RainGuard™ Roofing is made with a patented RainGroove™, which virtually eliminates leaks that can occur from wind driven rain penetrating the lap. The groove collects any water that has been driven under the lap and carries it down the sheet to the eave or gutter.

RainGuard™ comes in 34" wide sheets, which covers more roof area with less material because there are fewer laps. And fewer laps mean fewer chances for leaks. RainGuard's™ greater number of corrugations (13) and its greater depth of corrugation (3/4") make it stronger than competing products.

RainGuard™ is made with high strength structural grade D-50 KSI steel. The steel is then hot-dip coated with Galvalume, an alloy composed of zinc, aluminum and silicon. Galvalume coated sheets have a higher resistance to corrosion than regular galvanized sheets and the Galvalume coating resists white rust. RainGuard™ lasts an average of two to three times longer than regular galvanized roofing.

ColorGuard™ is made of the same high strength steel and Galvalume coating as RainGuard™, and in addition it is coated with a factory applied paint finish. ColorGuard™ is made to withstand our corrosive tropical conditions and features a factory-applied baked-on Silicone Polyester coating that is oven cured to a hard durable finish. The colors remain bright for many years thanks to ColorGuard's™ greater resistance to chemical and ultra violet corrosion. ColorGuard™ is available in four (4) standard colors: Historic Red, White Sand, Copper Green, and Aqua Mist.

Both RainGuard™ and ColorGuard™ have 20 year limited warranties.

MBCI Sheathing and Roofing Panels

MSI has been doing business with MBCI for two decades. MBCI is the manufacturer of choice for non-C Panel metal roofing products. They supply metal roof and wall panels for architectural, industrial, commercial, institutional and residential applications.

We do not stock MBCI products but we do special order. This means a longer lead time, but their comprehensive collection of metal solutions is worth a close look. See their product selection here.

Tough-Guard Ice & Water Shield (Embossed)

Tough-Guard Ice & Water Shield is a self adhering rubberized asphalt membrane which lends moisture protection to your roof. It protects your roof structure from water seepage caused by driving rain. Tough-Guard is self sealing, self adhesive, skid resistant and will not crack or rot, resulting in long-term waterproofing performance.

Knauf EcoBatt® Insulation

Knauf EcoBatt Insulation are thermal and acoustical products made from highly resilient, inorganic glass fibers bonded by a thermosetting resin. The products are available unfaced or with kraft, foil, or flame-rated FSK-25 (Foil-Scrim-Kraft) foil facings.

Knauf insulation can be used for residential, light commercial, retail or manufactured housing in a range of R-values. It is applicable for wood stud and metal stud construction.

Styfofoam Rigid Insulation

With its tight closed–cell structure, Styrofoam is a great insulation.  It has a high R-value which means it conducts heat efficiently, helping to keep your building cool and electricity costs down.

Because Styrofoam is waterproof, it is mold and mildew resistant. Perfect for our tropical environment.