Our Philosophy

MSI offers a wide variety of high performing concrete products for all your building needs be it new construction, or repairs to existing structures.  See the list below of our top selling products, or call us for more information and recommendations.

Steel Rebar

Rebar #3 – #8 Grade 60 (20' and 30')
Epoxy Coated Rebar – #3 X 20' #4 – #8 Grade 60 (30' Only)
Cut, Bent and Fabricated Rebar

Merchant Bar


Wire Mesh

6" X 6" Wire Mesh Mats 5' X 15' – D2.9 X D2.9 (Heavy)
6" X 6" Welded Wire Mesh Rolls 5' X 150' – D2.9 X D2.9 (Heavy) and D1.4 X D1.4 (Light)

Steel Reinforcing Rebar

MSI stocks a full range of steel reinforcing rebar, from #3 thru #8, in 20' and 30' lengths. We also stock Epoxy coated rebar in #3x20' and #4-#8x30'. Our “in stock” steel in manufactured in the newest state-of-the-art rolling mill right here in the Caribbean. And we represent one of the largest manufacturers of rebar in the U.S. and will supply U.S. Made rebar on request.

We have a complete fabrication line that can cut and bend steel rebar for any job that you may have. Just give us a cut list, and we'll cut and/or bend the steel to your specifications and will create the cut list for you, if you do not have one.

We routinely fabricate straight dowels, “U” dowels, “J” hooks, and Stirrups. Because we understand the requirements of construction in the Caribbean, all of our stirrups are fabricated with seismic hooks that are mandatory for our seismic zone 4 area. Give us your requirements, and we'll make every effort to satisfy them.

We recently supplied a cut, bent, and tagged order of “hot dipped galvanized” rebar for a National Park project is St Thomas that required coordination with a state side contractor.

We have the ability to produce custom shapes and we work with engineers and architects to produce complex jobs with on time delivery to a job site.

Other Steel Products

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Our Steel Services

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