Our Philosophy

MSI offers a wide variety of high performing concrete products for all your building needs be it new construction, or repairs to existing structures.  See the list below of our top selling products, or call us for more information and recommendations.


Midwest Fasteners
Grabber Guard Screws
Maze Nails & Screws
Durock Screws
Simpson Strong-Tie Fasteners
Seal Tite


Simpson Strong-Tie Epoxy Systems
Dap Caulking, Liquid Nails & Other Adhesives

Though Stubb did not understand the BOUTON part of the inscription, yet the word ROSE, and the bulbous figure-head put together, sufficiently explained the whole to him.  "A wooden rose-bud, eh?" he cried with his hand to his nose, "that will do very well; but how like all creation it smells!"

MSI is the Caribbean distributor for Maze Nails, the largest American based manufacturer of American made hand-driven and collated nails. Maze's nails and screws are double hot dipped galvanized, they stand up to our rigorous climate and they are specifically rated for use with all treated wood products. Each Maze nail or screw has a full–sized head and shank diameter so the nail drives straight and true. The steel has the correct stiffness too so, happy day! No more of those soft bent nails.  The other ones may be cheaper, but they will cost you more not too far down the road.

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Safety and Innovation. Plain and simple. Our primary objective is to help build safer structures. From its first year of operation, Simpson Strong-Tie has led the timber connector industry in hanger design, and we're the overwhelming choice of quality building professionals. Today, we hold more patents than all of our competition in the structural timber industry combined.

In addition, our systems approach to the building process addresses complex engineering and construction issues through cutting-edge innovations in Research & Development, Testing and Manufacturing. Our customers appreciate our focus in these areas and we work each day to build on our hard-earned reputation as the industry leader.

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MSI stocks Grabber Screws, one of the industry leaders in drywall screws and fasteners plus their epoxy coated line of screws. Grabber is the professional’s first choice for over 40 years.  Their premium quality screws are built for performance. 

Grabber sweats the small stuff, and that makes all the difference.